The Memory Player
"The most advanced CD playback system ever designed"
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Thus far, we've only addressed the digital audio advantages of The Memory Player, but the tubed audio analog design legacy of
the designers of The Memory Player is long and celebrated:

The Memory Player's 32BIT DAC has NO onchip gain. It was designed this way to have 100% of the analog amplification be
. The DAC's output pins connect directly to the tube board!

The triode tube circuit is a Class A, TRUE Differential Amp, with  Balanced / SE Outputs and Zero Feedback. Need
anymore be said! All of the most linear topologies known amplify 100% of the analog in The Memory Player. . No portion of the analog
section was neglected as is common in cutting edge digital designs. The "DasAlteMelosGuys"  are 20 years+ tube lovers and
designers put it all into
The Memory Player. Extremely rare is a DAC that does not have at least a portion of on-chip amplification.
The Memory Player's massively powerful 32BIT DAC has NO on-chip gain!
So ALL music is 100% tubed. Worth repeating.
As a Digital Drive
The Memory Player Digital Drive enjoys the complete rereading and
memory purification capabilities as the full CD Playback System does,
which actively erases and replaces any detected dropped bits and
jittered areas. To ensure the purity of the music on the Memory when
driving an external DAC
(or an Upsampled DAC), The Memory Player
uses possibly the lowest jitter clock available, with unmatched
connectivity. Both Clock and Sync BNC connections maintain
alignment with external DACs, and prevent jitter creation and bit
dropping even when using digital cabling up to 50’!  AES/EBU or
SPDIF digital outputs in both XLR and RCA support standard AND
balanced digital connectivity
(and this version can store up to three
internally or 5000CDs!).

As a Tube CD Playback System
The Memory Player’s DAC is a powerful, professional studio,
true-balanced, 32BIT, TUBED DAC with NO ON-CHIP GAIN.
This means that ALL music (analog) signal passes ONLY through
a pure Differential, True-Balanced, Class A, Zero Feedback, all
Tube Amplifierthat can direct drive over 100’of interconnects and
any power amp directly and effortlessly, with no need for a preamp
or "passive preamp"! The pins of the DAC chip connect directly
to the tube's circuit board, creating the purest signal path possible.
In addition,
all volume controlis ANALOG (all digital volume
controls drop bits)
, which drops ZERO bits! This version can store
up to one terabyte, or 1250 CDs

The analog component quality is second to none:

  • Polypropylene FOIL capacitors
  • HEAVY METAL film resistors (high atomic number metals have less "Diode Effect", a moment to moment partial rectification of the music
    signal due to an imperfect connection. Higher atomic numbers have more connections than lower numbers due to more electrons per atom)
  • Silver Solder
  • Silver Wires in all signal paths.
  • ONLY Teflon Insulation on signal carrying wires
  • All static surfaces discharged, by treatment with a proprietary  process.(Static "noise" can cause "Logic Inversion".See The Library)
Digital Drive or  a Complete CD  Playback System  
Two Powerful Expressions:
Burn CDs from Memory, NOT the CD

In either expression, The Memory Player also boasts the highest fidelity CD Burner ever designed. The CD Burner burns CDs from
the pristine reread/aligned data
on the Memory, NOT from another CD, thereby reducing copying errors by as much as 50%. In addition,
you may manually choose any one of 26 SPEEDS from 1X to 48X to OPTIMIZE for your favorite CD blank (
most differences we hear in
CD blanks are actually non-optimized
burning speeds for a given blank, NOT the blank itself)!


Store your extracted CDs and recordings are 'inside' The Memory Player and play them with the touch of a button on your Dell Remote
r* .Eventually, all of your CDs and recordings will be at your fingertips. Accessing all of your music AND total control of your
system can be done without ever rising from your chair!
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